Q1: What’s included when I join?

You’ll get…

Support during your weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me, customized to you and your needs. These sessions are where we dive into your unique problems and get to work on solving them.

Three monthly self-paced studies including video content and guided workbook where you will learn how to manage your mind, emotions, and nervous system so that you can stop living life overwhelmed and stressed out.

A bound copy of the Overcome the Overwhelm Guidebook, an entire workbook designed specifically for special needs moms that is full of tools to help manage this crazy life.

Unlimited support between sessions through written coaching! Life doesn’t just happen on days of the sessions, and sometimes doing the work in the guidebook brings up questions and roadblocks. This tool allows you to communicate with me on any day of the week and get unlimited coaching/support.

Q2: Who is Overcome the Overwhelm for?

This program is for moms who are raising a child with disabilities of any level that want to stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and are ready to get out of survival mode. Many of my clients have gone to therapy but still didn’t feel as good/happy/better in life as they would like to be, and coaching is a great next step.

Q3: I’m don’t think I am living in survival mode exactly, but there are things I wish were different in my life. Would Overcome the Overwhelm help me?

Absolutely! This program is set up to help moms in all stages of their journey. How we solve one problem is how we solve ANY problem. I have helped moms with everything from reaching their weight loss goals to bringing back the joy in their marriage.

Q4: What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

While there is definite overlap between the two, therapy is more past-focused while coaching is designed to help you move forward. For example, a therapist might work on trauma healing, while a coach helps you by giving you tools and strategies to manage things like stress or time in your day to day life.

Q5: I’m interested, but hung up on the price. How do I know if it will be worth it?

I get it! Investing in yourself can be scary, especially when you aren’t sure if it will work. In Overcome the Overwhelm, I teach you tools that you can use and apply for the rest of your life. Learning how to manage your mind and emotions affects every aspect of your life- relationships, careers, finances, and most importantly your family.

I also want all of my clients to feel safe in making this decision, so I offer a money back guarantee. If you show up to the calls and do the work, and you still feel at the end like it didn’t help, then I will give you a full refund.