6. How to Have More Fun as a Special Needs Mom

Being a special needs mom isn’t always fun is it?

Especially on those days where the extender gets pulled out while tube feeding and now your brand new couch is once again covered in stomach contents….. 😅

…Or on those days where you’ve got a mile long list of appointments and you’re running on 2 hours of crappy sleep…. 🥱

But every single day, good or bad, we have a choice:
1️⃣We get to decide if we are going to be miserable all day long

2️⃣We get to decide we are going to figure out a way to find the fun, even on a crappy day.

And I know what you may be thinking, “Fun?! She wants me to have FUN right now?! Has she lost her mind?!”
Maybe. Just maybe I have.

But hear me out, would you rather have a crappy day where you are miserable, or would you rather have a crappy day that you consciously decided to try to smile, bring the joy and find the fun in the situation?

I’ll take door #2 Monty!

So ask yourself, how can I find the fun today?
How can I create some fun today?

Or try reminding yourself:
Today can be hard AND fun!
Today can be challenging AND happy!

Because you know what? Even though life of a special needs mom isn’t a walk in the park, you still deserve to have fun.

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